PHP rocks! Perl is good for back-end system administration, but it can't compare with PHP for kicking out web pages. Erik Carlsten, (who was born with a PHP sytax database in his left cortex), got me hooked -- and I never looked back. Some of our past projects include an online banking site database and front-end, a shopping basket and catalog system, message board systems, and various site administration interfaces.

Since I can't really put up a whole spaghetti pile of PHP script that most people wouldn't have the time to configure and install anyway, I decided to put in a few fun scripts.

Daily Quote Picker : Uses a flat text file to pick a daily quote. It runs through the list, and when it reaches the end, it starts over. The first time the page is loaded each day, it takes an extra second or two to load, and then after that, it's lightning fast. The nice thing about it is that it doesn't use mysql for those of you who don't have access to your own mysql database tables on your server, (like on esus), and it's easy to implement.

M3uConverter : This program can be used to convert a normal winamp playlist (.m3u) into a playlist that will stream from any web or ftp server.

Netmatrix : This project was for my software engineering class. Three other guys and I had to put together a prototype project and write a really long boring 30 page requirements document for it... (I wouldn't put anyone through the pain of reading it, so there isn't a link). The web interface was written in PHP, which is then used to call a C++ script that performs the matrix operations like guassian elimination. Not all operations are functional, (because it is, and always will be, a prototype). Contributors -- Tony Money, Andy Morain, and Barry Knapp.

Anonmail: Sends an anonymous email to a specified location. It lets you mask headers like date, xreciept, message_id, reply to, from, etc... . It also allows you to attach files if you know the mime/type. It's easy to modify this to make you pretty darn close to anonymous.

Mailhammer: Sends a message to a specified recipient for a "specified" number of times. Make a copy of the file and edit as you see fit. I love using it to nail companies that refuse to take me off their spamming list.