Useful Binaries


This is a collection of small programs that can be useful in a jam...

AsciiTable.exe -- prints out and shows you how to get all 255 ascii characters   Win32
convert.exe -- handy conversion utility between units of measurement   Win32
ftp.exe -- command line program for ftping to websites   command line
magic_pkt.exe -- sends 'magic packets' to a computer to turn it on using WOL   Win32 -- Remote PC administration (client and server)   Win32
ipconfig.exe -- shows you a bunch of info about your current ip configuration   command line
explorer.exe -- windows explorer (shows the file system graphically)   Win32/Win2k
arp.exe -- for displaying the current ARP table entries   command line
regedit.exe -- for editing the windows registry   Win32/Win2k
chkdsk.exe / chkntfs.exe -- checks fat16/32 and ntfs disks   command line/WinNT
finger.exe -- finger util   command line -- starts a new instance of the dos interpreter   Win32/Win2k
cmd.exe -- win2k dos emulator   Win32/Win2k
calc.exe -- your basic windows calculator   Win32
find.exe -- dos based find utility   command line (just the client)   Win32 -- a great little utility for benching hard drives and cpus   Win32 -- The Matrix dripping character screen saver   Win32
notepad.exe -- tiny little program for editing text (win2k version)   Win32
pkunzip.exe -- dos based program for unzipping zipped archives with a .zip extension   command line
MooAMP_WS_24.wsz -- my favorite winamp skin "MooAmp"   Winamp

TIDL201.EXE -- the Timex utility used to send phone numbers to my Ironman Triathalon Datalink watch --V2.01. (1,406k) // download is from Timex's website.   Win98/Win95/ME/Whistler